The House of LP

Playful and enigmatic in her stride,
She is courage that walks with pride.
Fueled with class and versatility,
Our lady in LP wears her style! 

Takingtravel as our muse, each Lace and Pearls piece comes with a handpickedtale!  Inspired by the dewy hues ofTuscany sunsets, or the pastels of Moroccan breeze, or the intricacy of the TajMahal, or the sublime chicness of the Parisian lure, our collection reflectselegance and beauty. Captured with a scrim of charm and romance, our tops areadorned with various elemental accessories like rose pearls, mother-of-pearls,and handmade fine bone china buttons.

Eachtop is thoughtfully designed for luxury and ease. Our attention to detail iseffortlessly exemplified through our love for comfort – Hooks stitched behindthe buttons to provide concealed effect, invisible zipper to add impeccablefinish, concealed stitching to provide a perfect fit. If a lady were to wearher essence, a piece of LP would make for a perfect embodiment!

Empoweringwomen to be strong in their pursuits and individuality, our pieces are areflection of versatility. For a lady that has the artistry, strength, andtalent to do multiple tasks in a day, we celebrate her each moment through oureclectic collection – that takes her places with ease, elegance, and style.